December 18, 2019

Blockchain given a vote of confidence in China – Interview of our CEO with China Daily

In a recent interview with China Daily, our CEO Dr. Jochen Biedermann said that President Xi Jinping’s commitment shows the Chinese government is forward-looking and embraces new technologies. In October, President Xi emphasized blockchain as a core technology in the new round of technological innovation and industrial transformation. Xi also gives the industry a clear […]
November 17, 2019

Keynote at the 17th China Optical Valley International Forum on IPRs in Wuhan

Our CEO Dr. Jochen Biedermann gave a keynote presentation at the 17th China Optical Valley International Forum on Intellectual Property Rights in Wuhan, China, by invitation of the Governor of Hubei province. He explained that FinTech and Blockchain technology can help in several areas of IPR management and presented several solutions from Germany and China. […]
July 14, 2019

New Tech 4 Blockchain training & education center opened in Wuhan

Together with our Chinese partners, we celebrated the grand opening of Tech 4 in Wuhan yesterday. Tech 4 aims to develop and support a vibrant Blockchain community in Hubei province.  Please find further information on Tech 4 here.
March 6, 2019

Blockchain-As-A-Service: Leading Providers in China 区块链即服务:中国的顶级服务商

Not only many young start-ups focus on blockchain technology for several years. 多年来,不仅许多年轻的初创企业都专注于区块链技术。 The People’s Bank of China has shown a great interest as well, being a major international holder of blockchain-related patents. 中国人民银行也对之表现出极大的兴趣,它已成为区块链相关专利的主要国际持有者。 Furthermore, blockchain technology has also caught the interest of large corporations. 除此之外,区块链技术也引起了大公司的兴趣。They are working to integrate blockchain solutions into their powerful […]
December 23, 2018

Blockchain Associations in Asia – An Overview

Since 2014, blockchain associations have been established in various countries for the purpose of promoting blockchain/distributed ledger technology and exchanging best practice among their members. This article lists the Asian associations we are aware of. If any organization is missing, please be so kind and let us know. Hong Kong Hong Kong Blockchain Society (HKBCS) 香港區塊鏈學會 […]
November 29, 2018

Meet us at the World Blockchain Forum in Shenzhen, 11.01.2019

We will take part in the World Blockchain Forum in Shenzhen. On January 11, 2019 World Blockchain Forum will hold the World Blockchain Awards Asia 2019 at Marco Polo Hotel. Please find more details and the agenda on our event page. You can register for the event here. Please contact us for arranging meetings.  
March 27, 2018

Visit of Alibaba and Ant Financial in Hangzhou, 26./27.03.2018

Our team visited Alibaba and its affiliate Ant Financial in Hangzhou for discussions and presentations. Ant Financial’s Alipay has processed the incredible number of 256,000 transactions per second on the last Chinese Singles’ Day (11 November 2017). And its other products, like the money market fund Yu’e Bao (Hidden Treasure) or its consumer loan service […]
March 20, 2016

BlockChain 会如何把我们联起来呢?

BlockChain似乎让我们在生活的细节上又再拉近一点,本来科技已为我们带来很多的方便,但早于几年前,BlockChain 造就了比特币,可能有很多人都认识比特币,但对背后的技术BlockChain好像未有更多的理解。 BlockChain除了在金融这方面起了很大作用外,还在其他方面可应用的,如互联网业务,政府公开信息,电子证据及数据安全等领域都能用到。所以说BlockChain迟些会把我们生活上的各个范畴都能联系起来,到时又会是什样的一个世界呢?现在我们的生活上已离不开互联网,而科技的不断进步,我相信BlockChain会为我们的科技领域上带来另一个境界。 我国现已不断探讨BlockChain能否在未来完全取代以往传统的技术,那我们便要拭目以待。近日在网上看到中国区块链应用研究中心发起为BlockChain 征集中文译名,现时我们只用区块链来表逹BlockChain,但其实这还未为真正的中文译名,而很多人也很关心BlockChain真正的中文译名是甚么呢?我自己个人认为BlockChain是由信用及数据连在一起的,名字应该不少得这几个字是吗?