New Frankfurt School Blockchain Center Working Paper

Our cooperation partner Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC) has published a new working paper:

    • “How We Built the Future of Shared Mobility Within Four Weeks” [Medium, PDF]

Together with the automotive supplier INVERS, FSBC set out to build a prototype of a future shared mobility service which is purely based on blockchain technology: Ethereum-based scooter sharing and Status-leveraged chatbots to interact with the distributed application (DApp).

INVERS thinks that mobility should no longer be determined by ownership and FSBC was, therefore, curious to find out how blockchain technology can be applied to shared mobility services in practice.

As FSBC envisioned of what the future of shared mobility might be like, it was inclined to take it one step further and not only use a new underlying technology like blockchain, but also highlight two other emerging trends it it seeing in the industry — scooter sharing and chatbots.


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