LIVEEN Conference in Seoul, 24.05.2018

The Korean FinTech Finotek and the Veen Foundation organized the LIVEEN Conference in the Grand Intercontinental Parnas in Seoul on May 24. More than 300 guests came to celebrate the start of the LIVEEN ICO.

LIVEEN is a Blockchain-based data platform that provides fair rewards for users’ data. LIVEEN users are the owners of their data and content. They are rewarded with VEEN coins when uploading their data and content. Those rewards are based on the user’s reputation, which is different from the user’s data. Furthermore, they can receive VEEN coins for watching targeted ads based on their data.

In addition, LIVEEN creates an environment in which donors can donate as much as they want without intermediaries. Sponsors donate VEEN coins by choosing donees through contextual data- based targeting. Anyone can request for donation. For more information, please refer to the LIVEEN Whitepaper.

Dr. Jochen Biedermann, CEO of Blockchain Asia, is advising the Veen Foundation on its ICO and was invited as a speaker to the LIVEEN Conference.

He presented an overview of the German Blockchain ecosystem, major trends as well as the German ICO market.

Henry Kim, CEO of the Veen Foundation also CEO of Finotek, stressed in his closing speech his commitment to support more efficient donations via LIVEEN and a world of “giving” and happiness.

As a gift to all participants of the LIVEEN Conference, QR codes for 100 VEEN coins were handed out, which could be used directly for buying food. What a nice Airdrop! Please find out more information about those QR codes and the LIVEEN apphere.

More articles on the LIVEEN Conference can be founded here (partially in Korean language):


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