“Consensus – Immutable agreement for the Internet of value”, KPMG

A recent report by KPMG analyzes how different consensus mechanism work. It also summarizes their usage in various Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

The authors, Sigrid Seibold and George Samman, want to support companies in selecting the right distributed ledger technology for their particular application.

It’s important to focus on which consensus mechanisms are most relevant for individual companies, i.e., which can create real and scalable solutions that are also acceptable to regulators.

In a consensus mechanism evaluation questionnaire at the end of the report the authors present key questions for the areas

  • Overall methodology
  • Governance, risks and controls
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Cryptography/Strengh of algorithm
  • Tokenization
  • Implementation approach


The report is available at www.kpmg.com. Download PDF

The responses to the questionnaire for prominent Consensus Mechanisms can be downloaded as well. Download PDF


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