February 8, 2020

Hong Kong Blockchain ecosystem overview

Blockchain.News, a leading news agency on Blockchain-related topics based in Hong Kong, has published a very useful overview of the Hong Kong Blockchain ecosystem with detailed information about the major players. Please find it here. We are very proud to be part of it. And we are sure that it will grow quickly, transforming Hong […]
November 30, 2019

Attractive offer for market entry in Korea

The Seoul Metropolitan Government accepts applications from international Blockchain companies as part of a program to discover and assist outstanding startups in entering the Korean market. Blockchain companies which are not older than seven years can apply and might receive heavily discounted office space in the Mapo district of Seoul if accepted. We are already […]
March 6, 2019

Blockchain-As-A-Service: Leading Providers in China 区块链即服务:中国的顶级服务商

Not only many young start-ups focus on blockchain technology for several years. 多年来,不仅许多年轻的初创企业都专注于区块链技术。 The People’s Bank of China has shown a great interest as well, being a major international holder of blockchain-related patents. 中国人民银行也对之表现出极大的兴趣,它已成为区块链相关专利的主要国际持有者。 Furthermore, blockchain technology has also caught the interest of large corporations. 除此之外,区块链技术也引起了大公司的兴趣。They are working to integrate blockchain solutions into their powerful […]
August 20, 2018

Daily Blockchain News has moved / Cooperation with FO DIGI CAP

After 271 issues of Daily Blockchain News since 22 May 2017, we have terminated our news service end of last week, as announced. But there is no reason to worry, if you have used our news service before. Our editor Florin Oprea, who has made great efforts together with his team to compile highly interesting […]
October 4, 2017

Meet the German Blockchain Ecosystem

BlockchainHub and Bundesblock have mapped out the German blockchain ecosystem. Their map reflects companies and institutions who exclusively work on Blockchain or other Web3 solutions. Please contact us for further information about Blockchain in Germany.
July 17, 2017

Bitcoin/Blockchain/DLT/Crypto Startups in Germany/CH/Austria

Paymentandbanking has published an overview of the Bitcoin/Blockchain/DLT/Crypto startups in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It shows that the Blockchain community in German-speaking countries is quite broad and fast-growing. Please contact us for detailed information on individual Blockchain startups.