„Beyond Bitcoin: The blockchain revolution in financial services“

In their recent report  „Beyond Bitcoin: The blockchain revolution in financial services“  Kevin Petrasic and Matthew Bornfreund from White & Case have analysed the potential impact of blockchain technology on the financial sector.

“Blockchain could reduce banks’ infrastructure costs by US$15 – 20 billion per annum by 2022.”

They have looked at various potential blockchain applications in financial services like trade execution & settlement, asset exchange & registration, supply chain management, cash reserve management and smart contracts.

“Blockchain has the potential to transform how business and government work in a wide variety of contexts.”

They end their report on a positive note, stating that they expect further tech-based innovation disrupting the financial industry through blockchain.

“Blockchain fundamentally reorders the mechanics of financial transactions in ways we did not envision just a few years ago. It will take time for institutions to fully account for the benefits and risks that blockchain has in store.”

The report is available at www.whitecase.com. Download PDF


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