Shwetal Gajbhiye 2

Shwetal Gajbhiye,



Shwetal Gajbhiye is the author of the report “How to establish a successful FinTech cluster in Frankfurt”.
Shwetal is a competent, result oriented analyst professional with primary experience in consulting and IT service management in the investment banking domain. He was a senior analyst at Merrill Lynch from 2006 to 2013. Shwetal has an MBA with focus on strategy management.

Edith Rigler

Edith Rigler,



Edith Rigler is a transaction banker having held senior positions in payments and cash management in several global banks, including Manufacturers Hanover, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Deutsche and HSBC in New York, London, Zurich and Frankfurt. In 2008 she worked for the Euro Banking Group (EBA) in Germany, in 2009 to 2010 for VocaLink in the UK. Edith holds a PhD. from the University of Vienna, Austria and a graduate business degree from New York´s University Graduate School of Business in the USA. She is now a consultant, advising global financial institutions.

Peter In Hoh 2

Peter In Hoh, Ph.D.,



Hoh Peter In is the President of the Korea Blockchain Society. He is also the department head of Computer Science Graduates at Korea University, the head of Software Venture program, and the director of Center for Autonomous and Adaptive Software (CAAS). His current research interests include blockchain, programmable money, embedded and ubiquitous fintech platform, self-adaptive software, and software engineering. Furhtermore, he is a boarding member of Shinhan Bank, one of the largest, leading banks in Korea.

Christoph Hering 2

Christoph Hering,



Christoph Hering is the co-founder of ECHO, which is a decentralized peer-to-peer encrypted social messaging & digital payment platform. He is also a BitShares enthusiast and actively coaching companies and entrepreneurs to integrate the Graphene Blockchain into their companies. Last but not least he is in charge of organizing the Bits & Pretzels Blockchain Track.
BitShares enthusiast and promoter of the Graphene blockchain.


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