Our Mission

Since 2016, we invest in the most promising Blockchain & FinTech start-ups in their early phases. We also advise them on international business expansion, in particular, between Asia and Europe. For that purpose, we work with an extensive network of Blockchain experts for technical, legal, and regulatory questions.

Blockchain or Distributed ledger technology has the potential to change the way we register all kinds of transactions, e.g., from selling various financial and non-financial assets. Instead of a central (and potentially vulnerable) central server/database structure, Blockchain offers a decentral and thus more resilient way of handling registries (e.g., for securities) and ledgers. Blockchain is faster and cheaper to maintain than other decentralized data storage solutions offering protection against manipulation.

While start-ups explore all kinds of innovative applications of Blockchain technology, banks focus on standardizing permissioned (private) distributed ledgers, and regulatory authorities try to catch up with those new developments following a somewhat positive but cautious approach. Our mission is to contribute to the further proliferation of this groundbreaking new technology.